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Sugerencias sobre Nicaragua

NotaPublicado: Jue, 30 Ago 2012, 11:45
por dakrause
First of all would like to thank you for all your hard work for your great mapping software. Of all the mapping I have used for Nicaragua, (TravelbyGPS, OSM) I used yours the most for overall accuracy. I know when we were traveling from Granada to San Carlos, notably from Tipitapa to San Carlos, we would very often get "recalculating" because of the incorrect location of the mapping roads. This would happen so often , we had to turn off the GPS to keep our sanity:)) Saying this, we would also use the mapping from TravelbyGPS and also had these similar problems. Although we showed sufficient satellite strength, maybe this could have been a factor??
Also to point out, more road detail is needed along the Pacific coast, north of San Juan Del Sur (playa Maderas, playa Marsella etc). Also no roads from Tola to the Pacific Coast (playa Rosada, playa Santana, playa Popoyo etc) These are some of the areas where we had to use the TravelbyGPS mapping. More POI's would also be nice (San Juan Del Sur for example) in some towns.
We are heading back to Nicaragua in mid October. So I can be more specific, I'll make a list of areas that could use some extra details, road locations and such. Hopefully if I grab screen shots from mapsource of our saved routing, this will show you the incorrect location of some roads and were roads need to be added. Thanks again

From: brianm826@gmail.com
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 09:19:40 -0700
Subject: Cenrut
To: dakrause@hotmail.com
Could you provide details(the more specific, the better!) about the places where you had trouble with Cenrut? We'd like to fix these.

Re: Sugerencias sobre Nicaragua

NotaPublicado: Sab, 13 Sep 2014, 08:11
por dakrause
En la ruta mencionada, veo algunos lugares donde hay un desfase significativo en comparacion a OSM: